ACC Calls

African Cities Conference (ACC) is the first annual international conference for discussion and exchange between urban actors, the private sector and the academic world on the issues of African cities. The first edition on the theme of "Digital Cities" will take place on May 23 and 24, 2023 in Cotonou, Benin. The ultimate goal of this conference is to increase the scope and influence of research, entrepreneurial innovation and solution creation activities on the African continent related to the digitization of cities. The 2023 edition focuses on different models of African digital cities as potential solutions to urban challenges in Africa.

The ACC 2023 covers all topics related to digital cities in Africa, including the digital transition of cities and urban planning, African smart cities, Smart geo-information systems (Smart GIS), smart governance, challenges of digital cities in Africa, urban sustainability, planning/management issues of emerging cities in Africa, urban socio-economic challenges (education, health, employment, youth, economy, food security, etc.), urban environments, information and communication technologies applied to the urban.


ACC 2023 invites authors working on the different issues associated with African cities to send different types of contributions (research papers, poster/demos, workshops/Tutorials, Doctoral consortium/Spring School). As an example, the list of themes covers but is not limited to:

Digitalization of cities and urban planning
  • Digital water and energy management
  • Smart waste management and sanitation
  • Digital management of education and health
  • Digital mobility and transport management
  • Land use and land cover management
  • Informality & precarious neighbourhoods
  • Land tenure and cadastral management
  • Quality of Life and Social Layer
  • Architecture & Urban Planning
  • Energy for Building and Construction Development
  • Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering
Digital and smart african cities
  • Digital and smart cities strategies in Africa
  • Digital and Smart african city stakeholders
  • Digital and Smart city infrastructure
  • IoT for digital and smart cities
  • Robotics, blockchain and crytomoney
  • Artificial intelligence and application integration
  • Cybersecurity & IS governance for smart cities
  • Advanced technologies for African smart cities
Remote sensing and Smart geo - information systems
  • GIS and remote sensing
  • Citizen sensing and Citizen engagement
  • Geo AI and applications
  • Spatial data Infrastructures (SDI)
  • Interactive visualization and 3D modeling
  • Geo Artificial intelligence (Geo AI)
  • GIS application (GIS API)
  • Collective sensing & spatial big urban data
  • Smart geo-addressing and participatory addressing
  • SIG and geolocalisation
  • Digital twins & twin cities
Digital Citizen and digital gouvernance
  • Citizens and Collaborative Governance
  • Geopolitics, democratic processes and cyber-citizenship
  • Data Governance for smart cities
  • Digitalisation and internet 5.0
  • Digital tools for smart urban development
  • Socio-cultural transformations and social inclusion
  • Crowdsourcing and citizen participation
  • Digital governance and digital citizenship
African digital cities challenges
  • Resilience of African digital cities
  • Waste management and sanitation
  • Renewable energy and use
  • Housing and wellbeing
  • Energy and environmental efficiency
  • Sustainable development and adaptation of smart cities
  • Urban pollution and heat monitoring
Urban mobility and transportation
  • ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems)
  • Urban mobility
  • Travel behavior (travel patterns, route choice, mode choice, etc.)
  • Multimodal transportation
  • Non-motorized and informal transportation
  • Shared mobility (carsharing, bike sharing, etc.)
  • Transportation and Traffic Engineering
Emerging urban technologies
  • Construction Robotics
  • AI-based solutions
  • Mobile currency solutions
  • Infrastructure Design tools
  • Construction Technology & Engineering