ACC 2023 – Conference trails

Digital city transition and urban planning
In Africa, the digital transformation of cities is still minimal, but initiatives in this direction are beginning to emerge. For example, in Morocco and Tunisia smart homes and connected mobility are already being developed.

Digital and smart african cities
We hear increasingly about "smart" cities, but what are they really about? Smart cities in Africa represent a challenge for the development of urban territories, for the economy, but also to gain international visibility.

Remote sensing and geo – information systems (smart GIS)
Remote sensing and spatial data play an important role in urban planning by providing accurate and up-to-date information about the physical and environmental characteristics of urban areas. This information can be used for mapping and monitoring land use and land cover, assessing the physical characteristics of urban areas, monitoring environmental quality, supporting emergency management, and improving transportation planning. By utilizing remote sensing and spatial data, urban planners can make informed decisions that lead to the development of more sustainable and resilient cities.

Digital citizenship and digital gouvernance
Digital citizenship refers to responsible and ethical use of technology and the internet. It encompasses values, behaviors, and skills such as internet safety, digital literacy, digital etiquette, digital rights and responsibilities, and digital activism. By developing these skills, individuals can engage in the digital world effectively, protect their rights and interests, and contribute to a more inclusive and equitable digital society. Digital citizenship education is important for individuals, particularly students, to become informed and effective members of a digital society.

African digital cities challenge
Digital technology has great potential for innovation in areas such as health, agriculture, education, energy, financial services, and transport in the cities and towns of tomorrow. The rapid spread of mobile and digital technology in Africa should enable African countries to make a rapid leap in economic development.

Urban mobility and transportation
The African continent is on the verge of unprecedented growth, making it necessary to develop the urban mobility sector. The predictions of demographic and economic growth on the continent do not leave the global players in the transport sector indifferent.

Emerging urban technologies
As global warming increasingly affects African cities, new cooling technologies are being developed to combat climate change.